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Saturday, 11 June 2011

B.L.O.G is for what???

sound like long tyme no see huh?? ;p
just too much thing that i have to deal with..
any it sound weird when
 i'm 'sepaking'(speaking actually)... 

lot of laugh will lead to forgot bout die.. 
that what i read from Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah said.. 
well it true some how.. 
ok i'll try minimize it yea... come n join me yea?? =) 
shall we?? 

ok actually i just realize one thing bout BLOG..
u know what?? 
sure u guys dun know right?? ;p
let me tell u... 

most of the FEMES bloggers...
usually will cover most of the story bout themselves... 
well people love to read bout the personal matters rather than other things.. 
i dun know why people like that..
btw i also among the people.. 
love to read bout their personal life.. 
but somehow right now...
i kinda of bored because most of the blogger wrote bout..
where they go...
with who...
what they eat...
and others..

well u guys can say mybe i'm JELES...
but try to think.. 
should u tell to other where we go..
with who, what we wear, what we eat?? 
mybe they love to let others know..
well btw i'm not hate the way they wrote at their blog..
but somehow just think bout it.. 

just that what i want to say... 
different people different style..
just go with ur owns style yea... ;p 
take care yea!!! ;p


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