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Friday, 25 December 2009


salam, hye there..hehehe today i'll talk about FOOD..the most interesting things that all of us love.. =)

Firstly, let me tell u about my lovely favourite food.. ;p semestinye PIZZA HUT..

heheh i bley dikatakn addicted dgn pizza hut nie.. pantang nmpk iklan pizza baru je for sure ajak parent g mkn pizza.. heheheheh di bawah nie bakal diusulkn sekali dgn menu yg for sure i oder if g mkn pizza.. ;p

this is garlic bread..

this is large hut platter

this is breadstix...

owh nie membuatkan i terliuh nie.. ish geramnye..

yg paling i ske sgt soup kat pizza tu.. sedap tiada tandinganye.. tapi pic die x dpt jumpe.. ;p

if anyone of u want further info about pizza just click here yea.. www.pizzahut.com.my..

that all from me.. hehehe hope all of u will have a very happy day.. bye..

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