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Friday, 22 January 2010

~ FiNaL iS jUsT aRoUnD tHe CoRnEr ~

salam, as a student examination is part of my live.. why i said like that just because without examination, our lecturer or teacher can not judge how our understanding about the subject that already learn... hehehehhe

for me exam is fun because we no need to go to class.. but in university its totally different with school..
we must go to class also even though we can not to go to class.. but don't worry darling.. ;p love letter from the lecturer are waiting for u.. it will came anytime just infront of u.. ;p hehehe that what i scared most.. ;p

skipping class are the lastly thing that i will do.. why?? sound weird right?? but that me.. i 'll feel like loss when i didn't come to class... that y even i have exam i'll try to not skip the class.. but if i really scared for the subject that will be test, i will skip the class just because don't want to failed the subject.. ;p

heheheh lastly i hope that i can maintain my record that not to skip class without any strong reason.. ;p
 hope that all of u guys also like that yea.. ;p

oh yea.. one more thing.. nearly to the final, i will double my hardworking to get flying colours result so that i can make my parents proud of me.. just feel sad when think about them.. how they work hard to raise me up until now.. this one of my inspire to do the best!! fighting2!!! let study n try our best for the coming exam..
for those who have exam i wish a very best of luck yea.. hope that ALLAH will bless us..

bye2.. this morning i can't sleep that y i just simply right about this.. ;p

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