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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

~ When down time... ~

salam...one day in January ..... this day i feel very down n upset.. it seem like what i expect do not go as flow as what i have been thought... i'm very sad about it.. i do not know why i can't do better that what had i done this day.. i really thought i can do more better than that.. but whatever it already past.. i will take it as my fate.. there are something good in anything that have done.. from now.. i will really4444 struggle to continued my studies n also to pass for level 6 examination.. it seem really tough for me to pass it.. but it doesn't mean that i can't pass the examination right??  but the problem is where i should start??? very2 confused.. =( 
now i will mind setting with success can't come easily..  =) everyone can be success.. hope so that i will become one of them.. think positive yea... =)


  1. ko nape jot?takde story mory pon hei kat aku ~ aku pon duk konfuse ~ hehe

  2. woi..ni fatin..ko pehal upset2 ni..tau r ktrg da x dpt nk ceriakan idop ko..hahaha! la..rilek r..ko bole nyer nk pass xm tu,,ktrg doakn ko..lek r beb..bulan 7 ni idop ko akan KEMBALI CERIA hahahaha!!!!

  3. hehehehhe wei fatin lama x dgr cite ko.. windu ar kat korang.. ;p
    hahahah bese ar da masa up n da masa down.. ;p hidup kan.... tanx coz baca blog ak..

    tasya- ak ok je... mesti ar t ak cite kat ko ek.. dah berguuni2 cite ak simpan tok ko.. ;p hehehe wait time tok meletop je..


kutuk je apa yg korunk nk kutuk.. =)