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Friday, 8 January 2010

**ThE MoViE tHaT hElP mE lAuGh**

salam...hye there..here i come...today i'm very  happy...just i don't why i'm happy.. hehehe but at this evening there was something happen n makes me angry..but tonight i'm double2 happy.. u know why?? of course u don't know.. (hahahahah what a stupid question)..when i depressed i will try to make myself happy in many ways such as surfing internet, watching movie n video, become monkey(that mean i will talk until my credit run out) hahahah n others..tonight u know what i have done to make me cheerful again??

 hahahahah first of all, i watched a movie that is this story really make me laugh like crazy.. hahaha there are some parts that really stupid n funny for me.. but the most funny part is when DONG-SOOK act like crazy person n try to catch the criminal.. hahaha and also the ending was very sweet.. even they (CHOI SOO JIN and DETECTIVE KANG) are weird couple but they can show their love in the different way.. soo jin is the funny person in the movie.. i suggest u guys to watch this movie.. hehehhe

i love to see dec. kang act in this movie..so cool n gentle even he has bad temper..

that all..PLEASE CORRECT MY GRAMMAR MISTAKE YEA... thanx.. ;p hahahah

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